Young People's Concerts

Our Young People's Concerts bring the excitement and joy of classical music to school-aged children all around Chicago in unexpected and inventive ways.

Young People's Concerts

When: Ongoing throughout the academic year

Where: Takes place in schools and central locations

Cost: Free

CMC brings the excitement of live music right into the classroom with our Young People’s Concerts! This free program offers performances to K-8 CPS schools and those with underserved populations. Interactive and engaging, this program introduces students to a wide variety of music and musical concepts. Teachers can apply for performances to come to their schools or make reservations for a performance. CMC partners with Streamable Learning to make performances available to schools as virtual experiences.

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Young People's Concerts 2023/24 Season

December 14, 2023 - CROSSING BORDERS

Crossing Borders Music builds unique and engaging musical experiences for people of all ages. It is one of the quartet's core values. In addition to demonstrating the rich history of the string quartet's repertoire, recent educational programs have been designed to explore topics such as non-verbal communication skills, diversity in Western Classical music, and American history.


January 18, 2024 - BLACK MOON TRIO

Black Moon Trio is committed to creating positive change in communities through chamber music. The ensemble reimagines the breadth of a horn, violin, and piano trio by showcasing underrepresented voices in our artistic programming and original commissions, inspiring young musicians and non-musicians alike through captivating educational programs, and connecting community members through the arts. By engaging with diverse audiences, youth, and artists of every type, Black Moon Trio works to prove that classical music is for everyone.


February 15, 2024 - CONJUNTO LA MISION

Conjunto La Mision / The Mission Band - A Chicago-based urban music collective that uses the power of music and audio arts as a means of conveying and purveying energy to the masses. The group plays a variety of urban international styles, ranging from Chicago-style blues to Afro-Cuban jazz and other genres. The ensemble provides the utmost positive musical experience, don't miss!


March 21, 2024 - KING OF SOUL

A fresh take on some great Soul Music! Otis Redding, Sam Cooke and others wrote some of the most memorable and enduring Soul/R&B songs ever recorded. This unique ensemble presents some of the amazing Soul catalog with a Spanish guitar and piano accompaniment as well as new arrangements featuring the rhythms of Andalusia. Join us!


April 18, 2024 - 5th WAVE COLLECTIVE

5th Wave Collective is excited to send you on a musical adventure through the lens of music by female composers. This program includes music by women from all over the world and from every era of recorded history including music that will have you dancing, singing and everything in between. This program explores the concepts of teamwork, cooperation, communication, emotions and tempos.



KAIA String Quartet is a Chicago-based ensemble specializing in the rich and colorful music of Latin America. In this presentation we will take students on a “musical trip around the world” introducing them to music of different cultures and countries and the instruments of the string quartet. Students will become familiar with musical terms like the beat, composer, and range as well as hear examples of how composers portray stories, feelings and ideas through their music.



The Rhythmunity Ensemble is a group of diverse percussionists hailing from Chicago’s vibrant drumming community, from the roots of World Percussion, Jazz/Blues, and Afro/Latin drumming, coming together to make modern rhythms using traditional languages resulting in an urban dialogue. Come and hear very energetic, communicative and danceable music by a fun group of highly trained professionals. Plenty of artist/audience participation.


“Whether it's a trip to the Chicago Cultural Center or an in-school concert, I've made the CMC concert series an instrumental part of my Music curriculum.”

- Mark Coulter, Ted Lenart Regional Gifted Center - CPS

Thank you to our supporters

Young People’s Concerts is made possible through the generosity of the Paul M. Angell Family Foundation and contributions from individual donors.

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