Katie Steele, oboe 1; Ashley Ertz, oboe 2; Dario Brignoli, clarinet 1; Theresa Zick, clarinet 2; Wagner Campos, basset horn 1; Michael Tran, basset horn 2; Keith Buncke, bassoon 1; Liam Jackson, bassoon 2; David Griffin, horn 1; Susanna Gaunt, horn 2; Neil Kimel, horn 3; Emily Whittaker, horn 4; Olivia Rayes, double bass

Season Finale: Mozart’s Gran Partita

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) - Serenade No. 10, K. 361 ‘Gran Partita’ (1781) (50’)
  • I. Largo. Molto Allegro
  • II. Menuetto
  • III. Adagio
  • IV. Menuetto. Allegretto
  • V. Romance. Adagio
  • VI. Tema con variazioni
  • VII. Finale. Molto Allegro (Rondo)

Season Finale: Mozart’s Gran Partita

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